Judicial Bodies

Football St George are calling for expressions of interest from individuals to be considered by the FSG Board to sit on the Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee (the Judicial Bodies).

The function, roles, and responsibilities of the Judicial Bodies is available in the FSG Disciplinary Regulations.

Authority to Establish Judicial Bodies, and Appointment of Member
The authority to establish Judicial Bodies is vested in the FSG Board pursuant to the FSG By-Laws.

The FSG Board must appoint people to the Judicial Bodies, including;

  • The Chairs of the respective Judicial Bodies; and
  • The committee members of the Judicial Bodies; and
  • People to fill casual vacancies on the Judicial Bodies.

Composition of Judicial Bodies
Each Judicial Body must comprise a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of four (4) members.

An individual cannot be appointed to both the Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee.

Qualification of Judicial Body Members
Anyone who is able to demonstrate the qualifications required to be a Judicial Body Member may submit an expression of interest.

Each member of a Judicial Body must have:

  • The ability to exercise independent judgment; and
  • The requisite knowledge and/or experience of football, FSG, Football NSW and Football Australia Rules and Regulations appropriate for membership of the relevant Body.

The Chairperson of the Appeals Committee must be either:

  • a currently admitted or retired legal practitioner who has practiced continuously in New South Wales for at least five (5) years; or
  • a current or retired judicial officer of a New South Wales court or tribunal; or
  • suitably experienced and qualified as determined by the FSG Board.

Except where the FSG Board otherwise determines, a person must not be appointed to a Judicial Body if that person has served in the previous twelve (12) months as, or is currently:

  • a member of the FSG Board;
  • a member of the executive committee or board of a Member Club;
  • a president, vice-president, or secretary of a Member Club.

Term of Judicial Body Members
Judicial Body members will be appointed for a term of twenty-four (24) months unless they resign or are removed per the FSG Disciplinary Regulations.

Expression of Interest Form
Please find following a link to the Judicial Bodies Expression of Interest Form. Forms must be completed and submitted by the due date as outlined in this memo.

Judicial Body Expression of Interest Form


Timeline for Submissions
Please find following the timeline for submission and consideration of expressions of interest.

Action Date
Expressions of Interest OpenTuesday 23 April 2024
Nominations CloseThursday 2 May 2024
FSG Board Meeting to consider nominationsMonday 6 May 2024
Successful Nominations announcedWednesday 8 to Friday 10 May 2024



Should you have any questions about the nomination process they can be directed to the FSG Chief Executive Officer by email at ceo@footballstgeorge.com.au