MiniRoos courses are delivered in conjunction with a local club or club/s together. The course duration is 2 hours.

The MiniRoos Course is aimed at volunteer parents and coaches working with novice players or players aged approximately up to ten (10) years old. The session is entirely practical and encourages the coach to create games based on enjoyment.

The focus is on learning by playing football. The secret to encouraging players to develop a love for the game without coaching is to organise enjoyable football activities.

The coaches’ exposure to fundamental game rules and guidance on creating an enjoyable and safe football environment.

On this course you will:

  • Learn practical and fun games to engage kids in football.
  • Reinforce or get to know the basic rules of the game.
  • Organise a safe playing experience and help kids fall in love with the game.


The Foundations of Football courses are delivered by the FSG Technical director, at central venues (i.e., not connected to a particular club). The course is 9 hours, delivered in 2 x 4.5 hour blocks.

The Foundation of Football is aimed at volunteer parents and coaches working with advanced beginner to competent level players or players aged up to approximately fifteen (15) years old.

This course is a prerequisite for the Football Australia/AFC C Diploma. Coaches will participate in practical sessions covering the basics of techniques as well as learning about basic playing principles of the game.

The course is mostly practical and not graded, allowing the student to participate in the training sessions if they so choose.

The course also promotes participating in group discussions with the goal of exchanging experiences.

The Foundation of Football replaces the former community accreditation – Skill Training Certificate, Game Training Certificate and Senior Coaching Certificate.


Advanced Pathway courses are specifically designed for the coaches who work with players who are focused on performance (typically those in the NPL competitions and higher). The courses are longer and much more intensive.

The course fees reflect the length and quality of the training program delivered. In order to qualify to register for an advanced pathway course, coaches must have completed the Foundations of Football community course.

AFC C-Diploma course is delivered in collaboration between Football St George, Eastern Suburbs Football Association, and Football Canterbury.

The course is delivered over 5 full days, spread across a month.


To register for a MiniRoos, Foundations of Football, or Advanced Coaching diploma, participants are required to register via Football Australia’s e-learning platform (etrainu).

If this is your first time accessing the platform, you will need to complete a couple of steps.

Use the following link to create a Play Football account and to register the person who will be completing the course.

Next, after 3-4 hours you will be able to use the etrainu link to access the new learning platform.

Please ensure you log in as a “Football Australia Learner”.


Clubs can submit a request for the FSG Technical Director to deliver a MiniRoos Course or model session at their club using the following form;