Clubs, Players, Coaches, Referees, and club committee members are included in the Football NSW Insurance Program, which is part of the broader national insurance program.


Personal Accident

The Football NSW Personal Accident insurance covers all players and/or non-playing officials that are injured while engaged in sanctioned activities by Football NSW.

Public & Products Liability

The Policy is designed to protect Individuals, Associations and Clubs with respect to their legal liability arising from third parties in relation to personal injury and property damage.

Management Liability

The Policy provides protection for Associations, Clubs and its Directors, Officers and Committee Members as a result of any alleged wrongful act whilst undertaking their roles in an official capacity.

Professional Indemnity

The Policy provides coverage for an Insured’s legal liability for breach of professional duty resulting from an act, error or omission committed by or on behalf of the Insured.

To find out more, please visit the Football NSW Insurance Program website.


Individual, Member and Official Claims

For all Personal Accident claims, the insured person is to fully complete all sections in the claims portal. You will need to provide details of your injury and the activity in which it occurred.

In order to submit your claim online – please visit the Football Australia claims gateway.

Association and Club Claims

For all claims relating to Public and Products Liability, Professional Indemnity and Management Liability, notify Gow-Gates immediately of your intention to lodge a liability claim via one of the following options:

Do not admit liability under any circumstances.


Please use the Sports Injury Form to report any injuries that occur whilst playing football or taking part in organised football squad training sessions that results in the individual being admitted to a hospital.

This does not include those taken to an Accident or Emergency Department and allowed home from there.

This form should be completed and forwarded to Gow-Gates within 48 hours of injury. Once completed, please send this form to Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers via email to


A Certificate of Currency (CoC) is proof that your Association/Club holds a current insurance Policy.

Typically, local councils or third parties will request to sight your Associations/Clubs Public and Products Liability CoC to confirm that the policy covers the following party for their respective rights and interests.

In order to request a Certificate of Currency, please complete the fields on the NSW Insurance Program website below:


Sanctioning is the process of applying for and receiving approval from Football NSW (FNSW) to conduct, host or participate in a football related activity (or event) to ensure the activity, venue, event and/or participants can be covered by FNSW insurances.

As an overview;

No Application Required

Activities listed in the Pre-Sanctioned Activities list do not require a Sanction Application as these are pre-sanctioned by FNSW (including but not limited to winter season training and matches, registration days, canteen operations).

Sanction Application Required

Activities listed in the Sanction Application Required list require a Sanction Application to be lodged with FNSW a minimum of 14 days prior to the activity or event (including but not limited to gala days, holiday clinics, fundraisers, functions away from the club’s ground, alternate activities that are not football activities including gym sessions).

High Risk Activity Sanction Applications

Activities listed in the High Risk Activities list require a Sanction Application AND supporting documentation to be lodged with FNSW at the planning stage of the event and prior to the event being promoted to avoid disappointment if the application is declined (including but not limited to use of inflatables, displays or activities that involve vehicles).

Non-Sanctioned (NOT PERMITTED) Activities

Activities listed in the Non-Sanctioned (NOT PERMITTED) list will not be sanctioned or covered by FNSW insurances under any circumstances. All Sanction Applications for these activities will be declined (including but not limited to bubble soccer, fireworks, laser shows).

For grassroots clubs, it is important to be aware of what is and isn’t covered under the Football NSW Insurance Program, in particular for pre-season activities, gala days, functions, presentation days, and fundraising activities.

Please visit the FNSW Sanction Information page to understand more about sanctioning and your club’s obligations.

Risk Management

Risk management is the course of action your club takes to reduce the likelihood of injury, damage or loss to person or property and to reduce potential legal liability.

Risk management aims to be pro-active rather than reactive by taking steps to identify, measure and control risks before something occurs.

Please visit the FNSW Risk Management page for more information and resources, including Match Day Inspection forms and sample Risk Management Policies.

Injury Prevention

The health and safety of football participants is the highest priority for all involved in the game, making it important that all players, especially older players, book in with their General Practitioner to get a heart health check-up.

The Football NSW website has some useful resources to assist individual and clubs in preventing injury.