Football St George Policies

FSG Constitution

The constitution is a set of written rules and objectives, agreed upon by the Football St George members, that governs the way Football St George is run. It provides direction and guidance to the members. The Constitution addresses;

  • The aims, purposes and powers of the Association
  • How the Members of the Association are admitted – Member Clubs, Directors & Life Members
  • The rights and obligations of Members
  • The Composition of the Board, how they are elected or appointed, and the procedures for their meetings
  • How meetings of Members are convened and conducted
  • The Grievance procedures
  • What will happen to the Association’s assets if it is wound up

FSG Spectator Code of Conduct

The Spectator Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour expected of spectators at FSG matches, programs, and events.

FSG By-Laws

These By-Laws apply to all Members, Member Clubs, and Participants of Football St George, and address;

  • Control of and access to grounds to conduct competitions
  • Member club obligations (status as a registered entity, approval of Constitution)
  • The Football St George Board’s authority to establish Committees, Commissions and Tribunals
  • Football St George’s authority to make competition regulations, admit or suspend clubs, and require submission of club financial records
  • Functions, membership, and proceedings of the Grading Committee, the Board Advisory Committee, and the Female Football Committee

Football NSW Policies

FNSW Goal Post Safety Policy

In conjunction with Australian Standard regarding the manufacture, use, and safe storage of goalposts and NSW Office of Fair Trading Act 1987 FNSW remind all Clubs and Associations of the requirements to abide by the applicable safety aspects regarding the use and storage of goalposts.

FNSW Extreme Heat Policy

Based on the Sports Medicine Australia Extreme Heat Policy, the FNSW Extreme Heat Policy aims to assist Competition and Tournament managers and others responsible for the wellbeing of participants in football and futsal during hot weather.

FNSW Lightning Policy

The FNSW Lightning Policy provides guidelines to be applied at football events where lightning is observed. Importantly, participants must not let the desire to start or complete a match or training session hinder their judgement when the safety of players, coaches or spectators is at risk.

FNSW Sun Safety Policy

The FNSW Sun Safety Policy provide actions that can help reduce the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation.

FNSW Resources Centre

The FNSW Resource Centre has a number of policies and documents to assist Football Associations, Clubs, and participants. These include policies for Alcohol, Smoking, Behaviour, Canteen Safety, Concussion, Equipment, Goalpost Safety, Governance, Integrity, Member & Child Protection, and Weather.

Football Australia Policies

FA Resources Centre

The FA Resource Centre has a number of policies and documents to assist Football Associations, Clubs, and participants. These include policies for Inclusivity and Club Identity, Code of Conduct, Anti-doping, and Member Protection.