Football St George (FSG) has announced that as part of its Centenary celebrations in 2024, there will be a Trophy Naming Project.

The Football Community will be invited to submit names of individuals who have made a significant contribution to football in St George over FSG’s 100 year journey. Successful nominees approved will have a perpetual competition trophy named in their honour. By engaging with the football community, the trophy naming project aims to unearth the stories and achievements that have shaped FSG’s history. Through the named trophies, FSG aims to ensure that the legacy of these remarkable contributors lives on.

Nominations can be submitted by individuals, clubs, or committees. All nominations must be submitted via the following nomination form:

FSG Trophy Naming Project Form

Nominations must include;
• The name of the nominee.• Up to a 1,000-word supporting statement detailing the nominee’s contribution to FSG.
• An image of the nominee to be used publicly.Examples of suitable nominee’s include;
• Individuals that served on the FSG Board, or an FSG Committee, or who were otherwise engaged by FSG for an extended period, or who made a significant contribution to the game over and above what would be considered as expected in the role.
• Individuals that had a broad ranging contribution that significantly enhanced Football for multiple stakeholders in the St George region.

The Trophy Naming Project stands as a pivotal endeavor in commemorating the Association’s 100-year journey. With a commitment to acknowledging the invaluable contributions of individuals who have left an indelible mark on the football community, this initiative seeks to create a living legacy of honour and gratitude.

Nominations close on Friday 12 April 2024.

Should you have any questions regarding the Trophy Naming Project, please direct them to the FSG Promotions Coordinator by email at