This coming Sunday, 3rd March, Peakhurst United Football Club will host their annual Women in Football Pink Ribbon Gala Day to help raise money for breast and gynaecological cancer research.

The Peakhurst United Football Club’s Pink Ribbon event will be a major fundraiser and an opportunity to bring the broader community together. Women’s football teams from the local and surrounding areas have been invited to participate to promote the success of women in sport and increase awareness of women’s cancers.

With the support of local businesses, the Pink Ribbon Gala Day aims to raise $7,000 for Cancer Council. The money raised will help fund world-class research into women’s cancers, cancer prevention and advocacy programs, and support services to help those affected by women’s cancers at every part of their journey.

The Club was motivated to hold this event because several of its players have recently had family members diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When people you love are diagnosed with cancer, the fear which grips you is overwhelming. Not knowing what the future holds for your family or how to explain ‘the C word’ to your children. I can only imagine how tough it is to be a cancer patient – the harrowing treatment and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. If we can make a difference, even if it is only small, to the lives of these women and their families, then that is something we can be proud of,” said Leanne Smith, All Age Women Player from Peakhurst United Football Club.

“Breast and gynaecological cancers unfortunately touch everyone’s life in one form or another, either directly or through the experience of family and friends. Hosting a Pink Ribbon event was an opportunity for the Club to help make a difference to the lives of those affected by women’s cancers,” Mrs Smith concluded.

Peakhurst United FC held their inaugural Women in Football Pink Ribbon Gala Day in 2018 which saw 12 teams participate. The fundraising event has grown over the last 6 years to around 30 teams from local and surrounding areas.

With the support of Football St George and major sponsor Club Rivers, the club has raised over $40,000.

FSG’s Chair and Executive Director Irene Hatzipetros further echoed the sentiments about the day:

“As Chairperson of Football St George, it is with great enthusiasm and heartfelt commitment that on behalf of the Board I extend my wholehearted support for the annual Peakhurst United FC Women in Pink Ribbon Gala Day.

This event is not just about the game we love; it is about harnessing the power of sport to make a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer and gynaecological cancers.

As we lace up our boots and take to the pitch, we are not just playing for victory; we are playing for something far greater— the health and well-being of our mothers, sisters, daughters, families, and friends.

We encourage every player, supporter, and member of your team to embrace the spirit of the day. Together, we can score goals on the field and, more importantly, in the fight against breast cancer and gynaecological cancers.

Once again, we commend and congratulate Peakhurst United FC for their unwavering commitment and remarkable initiative to such an important community health issue. Let’s make the 2024 Peakhurst United FC Women in Pink Ribbon Gala Day a celebration of unity, strength, and the power of our community.”

You can view the event page or make an online donation here.

FSG look forward to seeing as many people as possible down at Peakhurst Park this Sunday to enjoy the football, food stalls and community spirit and of course help support breast and gynaecological cancer research.