Football St George (“FSG”) FSG is proud to announce that three of its representatives have been appointed to Football NSW (“FNSW”) Standing Committees;

  • FSG Chair and Executive Director Irene Hatzipetros to the FNSW Women’s Standing Committee
  • FSG Director Mat Papas to the FNSW Associations Standing Committee
  • FSG Technical Director Brian Dene to the FNSW Coaches and Technical Advisory Panel

The FNSW Standing Committees were established by FNSW to represent the interests of various stakeholders in FNSW. The Standing Committees are important vehicles for assisting FNSW in achieving a better environment and value equation for the Football community.

We acknowledge the additional commitment Irene, Mat, and Brian are making to the development of football through appointment to the Standing Committees, and thank them for their continued contribution to football in the St George Region, and more broadly the State.