Football St George (“FSG”) is pleased to announce that Chair and Executive Director Irene Hatzipetros has been appointed to the George’s River Council Sports Advisory Committee.

On 31 October 2022, Georges River Council approved the establishment of the Georges River Council Sports Advisory Committee for a trial period of one year. The Committee will provide a forum for the dissemination and consideration of information pertaining to relevant Council strategies and will represent the views of local sporting bodies relating to sporting matters.

Members of The Committee are required to have either strong knowledge, and/or a reputation of excellence and expertise related to sport in the Local Government Area.

Talking about her appointment to the sports Advisory Committee, Director Hatzipetros said;

“I am proud and honoured to be appointed to the Georges River Council Sports Advisory Committee and look forward to contributing to the development of community sport strategies in the LGA.

Having a seat at the table, and continuing our advocacy for community grassroots clubs, players, referees, coaches and volunteers in both Georges River and Bayside Council areas is vitally important and central to the purpose and objectives of Football St George.

I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with Georges River Council and colleagues from across sport to support the important work we all do to provide opportunities for people off all ages, genders, and backgrounds to be involved in sport, and benefit from the health benefits of being active and engaged in the local community”.



All enquiries relating to the appointment of Director Hatzipetros to the Georges River Council Sports Advisory Committee can be directed to FSG via email