As you know, inclement weather has interrupted our access to natural grass fields. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Football St George Competitions Secretary, Staff, Club Committees and St George Football Referees Association, we have been able to catch-up a considerable number of washed out games. Our ability to continue that effort however is compromised the further into the season we go, with limited access to all- weather pitches between now and the commencement of the Championship Series.

Please follow the link below to find our planning for the remainder of the season, by league format.

You will notice the information includes further contingency options if future weekends are impacted by field availability.

Where possible, Football St George have sought to extend the season by a week and retain Premiership and Championship scheduling as originally set.

Where this is not viable, FSG’s first action is to reduce the Championship Series from three (3) weeks to two (2) weeks to enable an extension to the Premiership Series and allow more matches for more participants.

View the Match Schedule Update here.