Football St George Declare Minor Premiers for 2021 Season

The Association has declared Minor Premiers for the 2021 season. Read the article below to see how it was decided.

The Association would like to thank each and every player, coach and volunteer who put in countless hours of work into the season.

At the bottom of this article, we have a list of all the competition winners. However, before we delve into that we would like to explain our process.

How was it decided?

  1. After consultation with Football St George Clubs, the majority of Clubs voted in favour of declaring Minor Premiers of the 2021 season.
  2. Where a competition grade played an equal number of rounds, Football St George applied the By-Laws (Part 2, Clause 19 (a)) principals to determine the Minor Premiers:


Minor Premiers: The team leading on competition points at the completion of the League shall

be named Minor Premiers. When two or more teams finish on equal points, the winners shall be

determined by goal differences (goal difference is determined by subtracting goals against from

goals for). When goal differences are equal, the team scoring the greater number of goals shall

be determined Minor Premiers; if results still equal the placing will be determined by which team

has the most number of wins.


  1. Where a competition grade did not play an equal number of rounds, a % rule was applied

whereby the total points achieved was divided by the totals available.



Team # Games Played 2021 Points Points Available % Points
A 11 27 33 27/33 = 81.82%
B 10 24 30 24/30 = 80.00%


Key Notes:

  • # Games Played = Games Played on Table +Byes + Games Prior to Regrade
  • Available Points = Number of Games Played *3
  • % Points = Points Achieved / Total Available Points, as a percentage
  • An Average Goal Difference is to be used when percentages have been applied and 2 teams

are equal on Percentage Points. This is calculated as follows:

o Average Goal Difference = Goal Difference / # Games Played






Male Competitions

League Club
PL1 Arncliffe Aurora FC
PLR Arncliffe Aurora FC
AAA1 Connells Point Rovers FC
AAAR Hurstville City Minotaurs
AAB Kogarah Waratahs
AAC Dolls Point FC
AAD Scots FC
AAE Kogarah Waratahs
AAF Riverwood Glory FC
AAG Lugarno FC
AAH Oatley FC
AAI Connells Point Rovers FC
O45A1 Hurstville City Minotaurs
O45A2 Hurstville ZFC
17/18A Banksia Tigers FC
17/18B Lugarno FC
U12A Scots FC
U12B Forest Rangers FC
U12C Rockdale City Raiders
U12D Banksia Tigers FC
U13A Sans Souci FC
U13B Oatley FC
U13C Riverwood Glory FC
U14A Arncliffe Aurora FC
U14B Rockdale City Raiders
U14C Carss Park FC
U15A Oatley FC
U15B Kogarah Waratahs
U16A Forest Rangers FC
U16B Hurstville ZFC


Sunday Competitions

League Club
PWL1 Arncliffe Aurora FC
AAWA Peakhurst United
AAWB Ramsgate RSL FC
AAWC Arncliffe Aurora
O35A All Saints Oatley West
O35B All Saints Oatley West
O35C Bexley North FC
U12GA Bexley North FC
U12GB Rockdale City Suns FC
U14GA Bexley North FC
U14GB Forest Rangers FC
U14GC Peakhurst United
U16GA Oatley FC
U16GB Banksia Tigers FC
U17-21GA Peakhurst United
U17-21GB Sans Souci FC