Football St George (FSG) is pleased to confirm that Round 1 is now live on the FSG website.

In 2020, FSG moved to digital matchsheets for competition grades and we are rolling this out to non-comp as well for the upcoming season.

Further, we have moved to a new competition management system in 2021 (DRIBL) and we are excited about the potential and opportunities it will provide. We are confident that the new sytem will enhance the overall experience for our participants, however expect that there will be some learnings that will need to occur in the opening rounds of the 2021 season. This will be the case for Club Administrators, Team Officials, as well as Match Officials.

To access the draw click here (located under Competition tab)

RTO/Manager App

  • DRIBL Matchsheet Guide can be accessed here
  • The match sheets & ID are available via the Dribl app. The Dribl app is available from the Apple Store and Play Store.
  • Log in to Dribl and select your game. Note you will default to only the team(s) you are associated with.
  • Nominate your team for the day (e.g., maximum 16 for full-field ages).
  • Check your opposing team has been entered.
  • 5 minutes before kick-off, teams will line up and the Manager (with Referee in attendance) will check the electronic IDs of the opposing team. If there is an identification dispute the Referee can resolve this in the affirmative (to their satisfaction) or reject the player as a participant.
  • Confirm teams and game to commence.
  • Ensure only those players from the list previously nominated took the field. Where a player has not played, remove them from the team with confirmation of the Referee.
  • Enter a result for the game
  • For FSG fixtures played up until and including Sunday 25th April (ANZAC Day) the Association permits teams to carry with them a hard copy DRIBL match sheet should either team or a match official, have difficulty in completing items online – via the Dribl app. From Monday 26th April, any FSG fixtures will need to be entirely managed online.