As a result of the recent decision in relation to the Change of Members of St George City FA (SGCFA), the unbundling of SGCFA from Football St George (FSG), and following the resignations of Directors Stephen Matthews and Sal Torrisi, FSG were required to fill two vacancies on the FSG Board.

FSG is now pleased to confirm that it appoints the following Directors in accordance with 14.1 (Composition Of The Board) and 17.1 (Casual Vacancies) of the FSG constitution:

  • Mr Peter Jones; and
  • Mr John Stojanovski

Peter and John have professional qualifications, management and commercial skills, proven commitment to local and broader community needs and importantly are leaders with recent experience as Presidents of FSG grassroots Clubs.

Peter Jones

  • Currently employed by Suncorp as a Technical Lead
  • North Ryde FC – 1969 – 1999
  • Associated with football in the St George region since 2009
  • Oatley FC committee  – 2010 – 2020
  • Oatley FC President – 2012 – 2020

John Stojanovski

  • Currently employed as Maintenance Supervisor at Danebank Anglican Schoiool
  • Involved in local football for over 35 years
  • Involved as a player with Scots FC Lions and Penshurst West FC
  • Previoulsy served on the FSG Board from 2012 – 2015
  • Scots FC Lions Committee member – 1983 – 2021