Football St George (FSG) is pleased to confirm that long serving Competition Secretary and volunteer Jacky Finlay-Jones has been awarded life membership to the Association.

The FSG Board and members overwhelmingly supported the nomination put forward by Carlton Rovers FC, which was endorsed by members at the FSG recent Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Jacky has previously been awarded the Associations’ prestigious Gold Medal and has received a Football NSW State Award for her contribution to football in the St George region.

The Board of Football St George and member Clubs congratulate Jacky on receiving life membership which is richly deserved and appropriate recogniation for such a valuable contributor to fooball in the St George region.

Carlton Rovers Nomination

The 2020 Season will be remembered for its unusual start, unexpected period of dormancy, efficient restart and strong finish that was beyond our wildest expectations.

With 10,000 players ready to play each weekend comprising juniors, youth and seniors, male & female, the pressure is always on the FSG Competition Secretary to schedule games for all. This can be a thankless task, especially when wet weather impacts, ground allocation/ restrictions and unplanned/ competing interests conspire to interrupt the best laid plans.

For what seems like an eternity, Jacky Finlay Jones has fulfilled the FSG’s Competition Secretary role, which in our opinion she has completed with great distinction and application. Her grasp of scheduling processes, proper grading of players/teams, commitment to finding a solution when issues arise, empathy towards Clubs concerns or special requests and general impartiality have over many years allowed all Clubs and their Players to continue to play games of football throughout the season.

Jacky’s performance and efforts in this role is simply outstanding by any standard, where she continues year in year out to provide a highly valued contribution to the success of the FSG grassroots competitions by devoting countless hours, day & night, to better and sustain our Association.

We note that the FSG Constitution states:

5.2 Life Members
(a) The Board may recommend to the Annual General Meeting that any natural person who has rendered distinguished service to the Association or Football, where such service is deemed to have assisted the advancement of Football in the Region, be appointed as a Life Member;

Accordingly, Carlton Rovers FC considers that Jacky is a most worthy person who has definitely fulfilled this level of service to the local grassroots football community and should be nominated for and awarded Life Membership of the FSG.

We trust the FSG Board also agree with this nomination and therefore recommend to the Members.

Football St George Life Member list can be found here.