10 September 2020

Last week, we stood together as a football community and committed to celebrate our great game and to end the season without further unacceptable incidents.

As we collectively stated, it has been a challenging year for all involved with the hard work of our volunteers and the good behaviour of our participants being undermined by the inappropriate actions of some, which is contrary to the objectives of the Association and has brought the game and St George Football Association (SGFA) into disrepute.

Despite our Zero Tolerance Policy, we saw further examples of unacceptable behaviour at matches last weekend.  Those Clubs, teams and individuals involved in those incidents will be sanctioned.

Football has no place for those that disrupt the harmony and well-being of our participants.  Violence and misbehavior whether it be on the pitch or on the sidelines does not belong in our game and is in complete contrast to the standards of community sport. We have a duty to eradicate this behaviour from our game and to ensure the safety of all involved to the best of our ability.

Regrettably, the SGFA will be taking an even stronger stance and will extend sanctions imposed on poor behaviour beyond the individuals and the teams involved.  Sanctions will now be applied to clubs.  This action has the support of both the St George Police Area Command and Football NSW.

To this end, the SGFA have made the following decisions that will apply to all Clubs from this weekend (11-13 September 2020) for the remainder of the 2020 season:

  • Any Team / Club found guilty of breaching the zero tolerance for on-field matters will be removed from the respective competition with immediate effect; and
  • Any Team / Club found guilty of breaching the zero tolerance for any off-field matters either off-field, or involving spectators entering the field of play, will result in the Association standing down all the Clubs’ teams with immediate effect from their respective competition grades.

Further, any team that is found guilty of breaching the Zero Tolerance Policy moving forward will forfeit any rights to participate in Football NSW and FFA Competitions (FFA /Waratah Cup, Champion of Champions, State Cup) for 2021.

Our collective position is clear, we simply will not let the experience of participants be ruined by anyone not wishing to behave responsibly.  The behaviour of teams and individuals will impact the ability of the whole club to continue to participate in our competitions for the remainder of the season.

SGFA reserves the right to amend or update this position as it deems fit (at any time) and in consideration of any member feedback and we ask that everyone takes these matters seriously to protect the wellbeing of our game.

We want to reiterate the message that our region celebrates an amazing mixture of cultures and backgrounds, linked with a common connection and that is the love of Football.  Collectively, we all have a responsibility to ensure the matches are played in a safe and enjoyable environment.

St George FA Board