In what has been an indifferent and testing year for all involved due to COVID-19, the response, hard work and effort of our dedicated clubs, invaluable volunteers as well as the guidance from St George Football Association (SGFA) and Football NSW, continues to put smiles on participants faces week in week out.

The strength and unity demonstrated in keeping football played has been remarkable.

Unfortunately, we have seen instances of poor behavior that has dampened the experience for some participants.

Football has no place for those that disrupt the harmony and well-being of our participants.  Violence and misbehaviour whether it be on the pitch or on the sidelines does not belong in our game and is in complete contrast to the standards of community sport. We have a duty to eradicate this behaviour from our game.

Each of our twenty-two SGFA Clubs, Football NSW, St George Local Area Command and ourselves, have joined together to reiterate that our  Zero Tolerance Policy will continue to be enforced.

Our collective position is clear, we simply will not let the experience of participants be ruined by anyone not wishing to behave responsibly.  Any individual or team not adhering to our Zero Tolerance Policy will face significant sanctions, which may include suspensions, loss of points, removal from competitions, fines and life bans. We will work with St George Police in regards to any matters that are of a criminal nature.

Our region celebrates an amazing mixture of cultures and backgrounds, linked with a common connection and that is the love of Football.

We have all worked so hard in ensuring football has continued to be played during this challenging time.

Let us join together to celebrate the game and end our season without further incidents.