Dear SGFA Members,

We trust that you your families are staying safe, healthy and happy in what is challenging times.

The emergence of COVID-19 has seen a very quick change to our way of life and will continue to affect us all in many different ways. This virus has been a real ‘leveller’ for society and as a community, and nation, we must be adaptable, agile and united.

Football is clearly not immune to the effects of the virus and this impact is already being felt. We understand it is a very uncertain time for many people in our community and Clubs are receiving enquiries from members regarding the season and current situation. We ask that you stay positiveremain patient and maintain your registration with your respective club.

Our focus must be to be united in our response to this very unique and rapidly developing issue. We ask that we stay together and remind you all that:

  • so far, nothing has changed from our current position and that is the FFA imposed temporary suspension of football remains to 14 April and the SGFA season is to kick off on the first weekend in May; and
  • this position will only change upon the advice of Football NSW, FFA and government agencies.

I am liaising regularly with Football NSW and keeping the Board and Clubs informed and should anything change we will ensure our members are updated.

We have been contacted by a few Clubs regarding de-registration enquiries. I wanted to be clear that a player is entitled to de-register but they need to understand the following. Any player that de-registers at this point can only re-register at the discretion of the Club and SGFA. Importantly, whilst we are acutely aware of the current challenges faced by this evolving situation it should be communicated that a final decision around any refund of fees for people who deregister will be made when the clubs, SGFA, Football NSW and FFA know the full extent of the disruption to football.

We know that all organisations (at every level of the game) have incurred expenditure already this year in preparing for the season, even though a ball hasn’t yet been kicked in some cases. However we are all working hard to ensure that we’re ready to play when it’s safe and these costs have to be considered and recouped.

It is important that as a collective we make sure that when football and life in Australia returns to normal that we have a sport, clubs and an infrastructure that will allow us all to continue to play.  

On behalf of the Board and staff, we sincerely thank you for the patience, cooperation and understanding and for your convenience below are links to some previous communication issued.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Finally, please continue to focus on the health and safety of yourselves, families and friends and continue to follow government advice.


Craig Kiely

CEO on behalf of SGFA Board