The 2019 St George Football Association (SGFA) Annual Genral Meeting (AGM) was held on Monday 18 November 2019 at Beverley Park Golf Club.

Three directors were elected by the Members as follows:

  • Ali Jomaa
  • Luke Taylor
  • Irene Hatzipetros

They join the continuing directors Tony Karahalias, John Taylor and Jeff Schembri (Appointed Director) on the Board.

The members thanked retiring Directors Angelo Bonura and Ivan Pavelic for their significant contribution to SGFA and in a mark of respect were given Life Membership to the Association.

In addition to the Director elections, SGFA would also like to confirm the election of the following positions:

Patrons: David Coleman MP, Linda Burney MP, Steve Kamper MP, Mark Coure MP, Chris Minns MP

Competition Secretary: Jacky Finlay-Jones

Judiciary Committee (JC): Russell Baker, Tara Aftanas, Nour Hijazi, Terry Glitsos, Jina Bogdanovski

General Purpose Tribunal (GPT): Ibrahim Dakdouk, John Papadopoulos

Grading Committee: Jacky Finlay-Jones (Chair), Chris Dimitriadis

Constitution & By-Laws Review Committee: Peter Jones, David Madden, Angelo Bonura,

Appeals Committee: John Mallios (Chair), Collin Hills

Auditor: CGH & Associates

Returning Officer: Ross Gardner

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to attend the AGM on Monday evening and we look forward to a successful 2020.