Along with over 1,500 players and spectators the St George FA Warriors performed with excellence and spirit as they tackled the daunting task of competing for fun and festivities.

Our two teams embraced the challenge with purpose and skill, the coach Mel Koinis commenting that his senior boys “came out firing as they had never done before”.

The level of pride most evident in the younger team’s willingness to celebrate goals with hand stands and high fives.

By midday it was a question of what was more fun the game or the fire engine.
Sitting in the front seat of a monster engine with a hat weighing 2 kilos eventually won out, even the seniors enjoyed the step up.

Then there was the presentation at which time the players were acknowledged for their great effort.

Who would have guessed that the Warriors owned the day and represented St George FA with such distinction?

Well done- Watch our next year!

See photos of the day here!