We are almost at the half way mark of the 2019 grassroots football season and we have experienced unprecedented levels of misconducts and a multiplicity of breaches of competition rules.

High level abuse of match officials, violent conduct, assaults between players, parent/spectator threatening behaviour, racial/cultural abuse have occurred. The lack of respect of the game, Association and member clubs will not be condoned or ignored.

The Association has been required to provide multiple reports to local police for incidents occurring at local grassroots parks that they have been required to attend or had reported to them – this is simply unacceptable.

Those not wanting to participate in a proper and civilised manner are being and will continue to be dealt with through our disciplinary process. They are being excluded from participating for a period and / or de-registered from the game altogether.

There is no tolerance for those that do not wish to abide by the rules. If you are one of these people we do not want you in this Association. The game is better for your not being a participant.

It is up to all involved in community football, but more importantly your peers – you team mates and club mates – to impart upon others the proper way for them to behave.

Football is a community sport, an inclusive sport.


Board of Directors

St George Football Association