This weekend we are celebrating 5 years of the St George Warriors program, which was established in 2014 to provide opportunities for players with development disabilities to play in an inclusive football program.

The Program is an innovative, equal access community initiative which provides a fun, inclusive and social environment for players and their families to participate in a modified team format.

With new and upgraded inclusive facilities currently under construction, it is an exciting time for the program and football in general in St George.

St George Warriors (Football4All) Program

Who can play?

St George Warriors caters for children and young adults with a disability. Warriors players range in age from 5 to adult and play in teams according to size and age.

When do the Warriors play?

The Warriors play in the St George Association Winter Competition on Saturday mornings from early April through to mid/late August.

Who do the Warriors play against?

The Warriors are placed in the main draw in appropriate age groups to play against mainstream teams as part of their season. This allows the Warriors to integrate into the mainstream competition while receiving the level of support required for each individual player. The mainstream teams are briefed before each game to help them understand who we are, and how they can help the Warriors players have an enjoyable time playing.

Where do the Warriors play?

​The Warriors play at Parkside Dr, Carss Park.

Do Warriors have training?

The Warriors have a fun focussed training/kick-around once a fortnight, on Friday evenings. This is more about socialising with friends and having fun, with a bit of ball skills thrown in. Training is not compulsory, but it’s lots of fun!

How much does it cost?

There is a small registration fee which includes a uniform (shirt, shorts and socks). The majority of the registration fee is covered by the Active Kids Voucher from the NSW Government.

How do I find out more information?

For more information, contact us via email, go to our facebook page: or contact Di on 0405 150 359.

About Us:

The St George Warriors was established by Carss Park FC in acknowledgement of the passing of former president, Darryl Hancock in 2014.

His vision was to offer a football program catering for players with development disabilities aged 5 to adult.

In 2016, Carss Park FC transitioned the Special Needs program responsibility to SGFA, who will play a more active role in its growth and development.

St George Warriors gives children with special needs, a safe and fun place to play sport and make new friends, whilst giving parents the opportunity to enjoy watching their child play in an integrated, inclusive environment, while being under the guidance and care of the coaches and volunteers.

We have dedicated coaches and volunteers, who form wonderful relationships with the players and are an integral part of our club.

We encourage our players to play on the field while their parents/carers sit back, watch and enjoy- something that is quite rare for these parents in everyday life. We have “Buddies” who will team up with players that may need that bit of extra assistance, however a parent or guardian may accompany their child on the field if required.

Each year, the Warriors are invited to special events such as the Football NSW annual Football4All Gala Day, a Sydney FC match or 2, amongst others.


We are based at Parkside Dr, Carss Park, alongside our great supporting club, Carss Park FC.

Our first season, 2015, started with just 18 players in 2 teams.

In 2016 we grew to 3 teams and in 2017 and 2018 we fielded 4 teams, with 40 players registered in 2018.