UPDATED: 11 February 2019

Following a review of winter competition structures in late 2018, the St George Football Association (SGFA) has made a number of changes and updates for the 2019 winter season.

These have been made in consultation with Clubs and in consideration of the following:

  1. current and future facility upgrades and redevelopments within the district, that will result in the loss of a number of fields over the next couple of seasons;
  2. the continued growth and demand for football in our district;
  3. the Associations strategic objective to grow and develop female football in St George.

To this end, SGFA confirms the following details for 2019:

New Competitions Offered (subject to sufficient interest and registered teams)

  • Under 21 Female Sunday Competition (for 17 – 21 years)
  • Under 21 Male Sunday Competition (for 17 to 21 years) – Note: individual 17 and 18 comps will still be run on Saturdays as well.
  • Over 30 Womens Sunday Competition
  • Over 45 B Sunday Competition
  • All Age Sunday Men Competition (for all age men who can not play on Saturdays)

We encourage all clubs, teams and players to discuss and promote the proposed new competitions to provide the best possible chance for them to kick off in 2019.

SGFA also confirms that it will once again host some Finals at Jubilee Stadium.

 2019 Competition Dates (excluding Finals)

Age/GradeGame DaySeason StartSeason End
PL, PLRSaturday6/4/1917/8/19
O45AFriday Night5/4/199/8/19
PWL, AAW, O35, O30WSunday7/4/1918/8/19
AA B,C,D,E,FSaturday6/4/193/8/19
AA Sunday Men,  U21 Men & U21 WomenSunday7/4/194/8/19
12-18 A GradeSaturday6/4/1917/8/19
12-16 Non A GradeSaturday6/4/1910/8/19
12-16 GirlsSunday7/4/1911/8/19
Non-CompSaturday or Sunday6/4/19 or 7/4/1917/8/19 or 18/8/19

*Subject to change