Football NSW’s State Dinner was held at the Warwick on Saturday 3rd of November in what was a fantastic celebration of community football.

Football NSW Directors and Life Members all came together to recognise and acknowledge the elite few who have provided consistent and invaluable services at the community level for the world game.

Hosted by the reputable Stephanie Brantz, the evening kicked off with the presentation of the State Award winners.

State Award winners are nominated by their Association in recognition of their tireless efforts and service to football in their local community.

State Awards formally recognise individuals who have provided consistent and valuable service at any level – Club, Association, Branch or State.

These contributions may include services such as: committee member, coach, manager, match official, canteen manager or grounds person.

St George Football Association nomination for the 2018 Football NSW State Award was Stephen Matthews.

Stephen is currently President of Connells Point Rover FC, one of the largest and most successful clubs in the St George Football Association. Stephen has held this position since 2013 and has overseen tremendous success at the Club both on and off the field.

Connells Point Rovers is one of the largest Clubs in SGFA, with over 700 registered members, and has had great success both at a local competition level and also in State based competition. This included
being the best performed Club in the 2016 NSW State Cups with 5 teams making the semi-finals, 4 teams finals, 2 of which were crowned champions.

Stephen is a tireless and selfless volunteer who gives up many hours to ensure that the Club runs effectively and efficiently. He has played an integral part in improving the Clubs administration and registration process of hundreds of players each year. Stephen has also worked closely with the Association is advocating and lobbying for improved facilities at the Clubs home ground, Poulton Park, including upgraded car parking, seating, lighting and in 2019 will see a ground transformed with a new synthetic pitch and amenities building.

Stephen has also been a volunteer for the SGFA Development program for the past 3 years, including holding the role of Association Youth League and Futsal Convenor in 2018. He has a passion for
advancing junior football and in particular youth development and under his Presidency Connells Point Rovers FC have been a huge supporter of the SGFA development program with large number of players
progressing from Club teams into the Association representative program.

Stephen is a highly respected member amongst his peers in the St George Football community. He is a member of SGFA’s Competitions Planning Group, having provided a valuable contribution to the
review of the National Registration and Competition Management Systems in the past 12 months.

Football NSW Fair Play Award

  • Abdullah Osman, Canterbury & Districts Soccer Football Association and Lakemba Sports and Recreation Club’s Under 21’s coach

George Churchward Medal

  •  Barry Jones, Bangor Football Club, Sutherland Football Association.

Credits: George Loupis, Football NSW