At the beginning of the 2018 Winter Season, SGFA launched the Coaches Club Visit Initiative which is aimed at giving all clubs within the association an opportunity to run a session for their club, led by Aytek Genc, SGFA Head of Football, and/or the Development Program’s coaching staff.

All clubs are entitled to 1 x 2 hour session with the sessions themselves being held for both specific club teams, age groups or coaches, and the emphasis dictated by the clubs requirements.

So far in 2018, there have been a handful of clubs take up the offer including Sans Souci FC, Rockdale Raiders and Forest Rangers FC, with positive feedback being received from these clubs.

Of particular interest was a session held on Tuesday 22nd May at Gannons Park for the Forest Rangers FC. SGFA Head of Football, Aytek Genc, led a skill and game training session for two U13’s squad which focused on core skills and intense small sided training. The night was run in conjunction with Forest Rangers’ coaching director, Jono Nolan, as well as coaches for both squads.

If your club is yet to get in contact with SGFA regarding the Coaches Club Visits, we encourage you to approach your Club President/Secretary who can book in a session with the SGFA Office and also provide all the necessary information pertaining to the visit.