St George Football Association (SGFA) and its member Clubs will be supporting the Shoosh for Kids Campaign on the weekend 18-20 May, 2018.

Shoosh for Kids is a collaborative effort between Office of Sport and State Sporting Organisations to promote positive sideline behaviour to their members, clubs and associations. The Shoosh for Kids campaign is aimed at promoting positive sideline behaviour at junior sports events. The general rule is, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

The purpose of the campaign is to support grass root sport to provide positive environment for their members, whilst assisting to address issues which arise from poor sideline behaviour including:

  • Abuse to officials
  • Reduced volunteer numbers
  • Reduced participation rates (due to poor experiences/ non-enjoyment/ too competitive)

Register Your Interest

How do I register to get involved?

What is it?

  • Shoosh for Kids is a campaign which promotes positive sideline behaviour at junior sport (If you can’t say anything nice – don’t say anything).
  • Office of Sport is coordinating Shoosh for Kids across NSW this coming winter season in collaboration with 7 major sporting codes.
  • Clubs and associations are encouraged to register and download resources to use at their junior sports events/ grounds.
  • Resources are online with further information about Shoosh for Kids.

How do I register to get involved?

If I register what does it mean?

  • Your club/ association (or similar) are being proactive in addressing the nationally recognised issue of poor sideline behaviour at junior sport
  • You will download resources from our website and use them to:
    • promote your club/ associations participation in the state wide initiative
    • communicate to your members the importance of encouraging positive behaviour at junior sport
  • You will receive updates/ reminders/ prompts walking you through the process of implementing the campaign on the ground.
  • You have access to further support via the Regional Office network across NSW

Where are the resources?

What resources can our club use?  Any you want, there are resources for all sports, or sport specific resources if they are more relevant for your club/ association.

Who can help me with further enquiries in my area?

If you’d like to discuss Shoosh for Kids, please contact Joanne Barrett on or 02 5335 8803.