St George Football Association (SGFA) would like to confirm that we will be introducing a trial of two new game management strategies designed to address instances of poor behaviour and lack of respect for the game by players and/or team officials (RTOs).

Player Temporary Dismissal (Sin Bin) – Premier League (Men & Women’s) and All Age ‘A’ squads only.

Where it is necessary to caution a player for DISSENT, the player will be shown a yellow card and then be sent to the technical area for a period 10 minutes.

This player cannot be interchanged and the team will play short for that period.

The referee is the sole judge of the time and the player can only return with the permission of the referee.

Team Official (RTO) Sanctions – (Yellow & Red cards) – All grades in all competitions

Previously, referees adopted an ask, tell and remove policy whereby either the fourth official, assistant referee or referee would “ask” the team official (RTO) to change their behaviour, followed by a “tell” which was effectively a public warning to the team official (RTO) by the referee if their behaviour continued. If after all these warnings, the team official (RTO) still behaved inappropriately, then they were “removed” from the technical area as the final step in this process.

The issuing of yellow and red cards by referees will be a communication tool to players and spectators that a team official (RTO) in the technical area has been cautioned or sent off.

Just like players, a team official (RTO) may be instantly dismissed (without warning) where the circumstances are deemed serious enough by the referee.

For clarification, the term ‘team official’ will apply to the team official who surrenders their ID card to the referee at the beginning of the game, has their name and FFA number listed on the team sheet and will be the only person permitted to occupy the technical area and enter the field, with the referee’s permission. This official is responsible for the behaviour of their players and spectators.

The accumulation of yellow cards to team officials will be treated the same as players (refer to SGFA By-Laws Part 4A, Clause 9) and will be recorded by the referee and marked on the team sheet. However, if the team official is sent off during the match, further disciplinary action will take place. Referees have been asked to complete an appropriate report.

The above procedures have been approved by IFAB in the 2018 Laws of the Game book and subsequent instructional documents.

This edict is effective immediately and will be reviewed at the completion of the year.