So the winter season of football is over again. But before you go lacing up your futsal boots for the summer comp, have a serious think about any niggling injuries you have. Have you been putting off doing something about them? Do they keep reoccurring? NOW is the time to do something properly about them and what better time to use your $50 voucher.

While we were working at the SGFA Grand Finals over the last 2 consecutive weekends, it struck me how many of the players – particularly in the all age competitions – were playing on injuries. Injuries that had been building for many weeks or even months and were causing them to miss games right at the end of the season when you want to be out there performing at your best.

After many years of working with amateur and semi-professional footballers my opinion is that NOW is the time to find a long-term solution to your niggling injuries, not in week 3 of next season when they resurface. Most niggling injuries – and by this I mean injuries that build up slowly with high volumes of playing – need a longer period of complete avoidance of the aggravation activity than we like to believe. This can range from a month for most uncomplicated muscle injures to 12 months or more for complicated joint and tendon issues. If you have been battling one of these injuries this season this is your window to get it right – properly.

The other thing you have to get right to recover fully from long term injuries is the graded re-introduction to loading. This is the true art of rehabilitation and can be very difficult to get right. We can help you put together a well-designed and timed program to get your performance back up at 100% safely and without any further injuries.

As much as we all love it, football is a complete contact sport. It has much more running and unpredictable acceleration and movement than most other sports. Injuries will happen. The real challenge is how you manage them when they do so you can get back to normal ASAP. If this article describes you then please get in touch with us NOW. It’s so much easier for me to do my job in the off season when the pressure of weekly games is off.

If you would like to know more about injury prevention you can read their blog here on the importance of preseason training programs and their influence in preventing serious knee injuries.

If you have any questions or want to get on top of your pain whether niggling or severe, please get in touch us at St George Health on 9553 9823 or In the meantime check out our website to learn more about us:

Credit: St George Health