This weeks installment of Player in Focus comes from Lugarno FC, as we ask the telling questions to 16 year old , Chloe Petancevski and 18 year old, Samuel Attard.

Name:Samuel AttardName:Chloe Petancevski
Year Started Playing Football?2005Year Started Playing Football?2007
What do you love about Football?I love everything about itWhat do you love about Football?It’s the best sport in the world.
Left or Right Foot?RightLeft or Right Foot?Right foot
Favourite Football Player?Zlatan IbrahimovicFavourite Football Player?Manuel Neuer
Favourite Club?Sydney FCFavourite Club?Sydney FC
Favourite Food?PizzaFavourite Food?Steak and chips
Favourite TV Show?SuitsFavourite TV Show?The Blacklist
Best moment in Football so far?Winning the Grand final with all my mates in 2013Best moment in Football so far?Scoring 2 goals from outside the box in a semi-final to get my team into the grand final.