This weeks installment of Player in Focus comes from, Oatley FC, as we ask the telling questions to 10 year old star, Eliza Mok and right foot wizard, Jono Lee.

Male Female
Name:Jono Lee Name:Eliza Mok
Age:17 Age:10 years old
Year Started Playing Football?2005 Year Started Playing Football?2011
What do you love about Football?There are three main reasons for my love of football:

– The social aspect: Football provides the foundations for the formation of mates that you’ll have for life.

– The relaxation aspect: Personally, I find football is an amazing way to clear my head, especially during HSC year. On the field, you focus solely on playing the game. Nothing more, nothing less.
– The skills it develops: This amazing sport develops physical skills such as stamina, speed, touch and strength, but also develops life skills including inspiring each other  to never give up, creating that team spirit and getting excellence through hard word and dedication.

 What do you love about Football?Making friends, teamwork and scoring goals
Left or Right Foot?Right Left or Right Foot?Both
Favourite Football Player?


 Favourite Football Player?Messi
Favourite Club?Barcelona Favourite Club?Barcelona FC
Favourite Food?Sushi Favourite Food?Steak
Favourite TV Show?The Walking Dead or Rick and Morty Favourite TV Show?Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.
Best moment in Football so far?Rainbow flick mid game Best moment in Football so far?The day I scored 4 goals and when one of  them was a corner.