Three of the world’s greatest athletes know something that separates them from the competition.  This well-kept secret allowed them to perform beyond the limits of anyone around them. All three are well known for their mental toughness and determination to get it done. So can you guess who they are and what they do differently?

They use HYPNOSIS.

Michael Jordan, a 6 times NBA champion and 2-time gold medal winner used Hypnosis to get focused on performance.

Tiger Woods, winner of three Masters and 18 world golf championships also used hypnotic anchors before his shots and frequently underwent Hypnosis as part of his training.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man to run 100m in 9.69 seconds and the winner of nine Olympic Gold medals attributes his calmness and focus to Hypnosis.

The world’s BEST use HYPNOSIS.

They are not alone; in fact, Hypnosis for performance coaching is becoming part of the competitive landscape. Why? Hypnosis allows the mind to automatically choose calmness, confidence and focus during times of increased physical output and stress.

You’ve probably watched the Australian swimming team on the blocks doing weird rituals before a swim; these are all part of Hypnotic induction. Calming them and slowing their minds down to a perfectly relaxed and focused space.

Frequently athletes can be short of confidence following injury, or missed opportunity. Sometimes a team that is low in confidence will frequently lose, despite the team having greater skill and better players.

Using Hypnosis, we can create very simple and effective feelings in athletes that instantly wash away old habits, remove any automatic anxious feelings and restore confidence and certainty. Very Very Quickly.

So if you are playing havoc with your mind before or whilst in a game, you are missing the ‘old you’ on the field, or something doesn’t feel quite right whilst competing. Hypnosis is just the thing to get you to your BEST.

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