SGFA would like to announce the following midweek football rounds for both the Men’s Premier League competition and Women’s Premier League competition to be held during the 2017 season:

Premier League – Women’s

PWL17/05/20177:00pmScarborough NorthScots FCVsForest Rangers
PWL17/05/20177:00pmPeakhurst No 5Dolls Point FCVsBanksia Tigers FC
PWL17/05/20177:00pmClaydon ReserveConnells Point FCVsSans Souci FC


Premier League – Men’s

PL7/06/20176:00pm & 7.45pmPeakhurst No 5Carlton FCVsSans Souci FC
PL7/06/20176:00pm & 7.45pmArncliffe ParkASOWVsArncliffe Aurora
PL14/06/20176:00pm & 7.45pmScarborough NorthConnells Point FCVsScots FC
PL14/06/20176:00pm & 7.45pmPeakhurst No 1Forest Rangers FCVsOatley FC
PL14/06/20176:00pm & 7.45pmPeakhurst No 5Kogarah Waratah FCVsBanksia Tigers FC


The online draw will be updated accordingly in the coming days.