St George Football Association (SGFA) is excited to announce a new sponsorship arrangement with St George Health.

St George Health in Kogarah, is an allied health clinic offering a wealth of expertise in injury management. Utilising, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, ExercisePhysiology, Podiatry, Psychology, Performance Hypnosis, Dietetics/Nutrition, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, expect a comprehensive range of services that deliver effective outcomes. Operating for over 10 years, St George Health has become St George’s premier allied and natural health clinic.

“When it comes to your well-being, one approach is never enough. All forms of health care have an important place in getting you to your best. That’s why we are different.” said Dr Themos Gourlas both Director and Osteopath.

The partnership has a great synergy in that it brings together two associations who are passionate about their patrons and their families, putting their overall health and wellbeing as number one.

General Manager for the SGFA, Craig Kiely, is eager to have St George Health on board and sees enormous potential aligning the organisations.

“Partnering with strong local brands is important for SGFA and we are excited to welcome St George Health on board as a new partner.

From the very beginning both Eddie and Themos have made it very clear that they want a partnership that provides a direct benefit to the community and this aligns with the Associations objectives.

Through this partnership SGFA registered players, referees and their family members will be provided with member discount rates across all services at St George Health, including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, exercise physiology and nutrition” Kiely said.

SGFA members will also benefits from expert advice on injury management, common injuries, training techniques, diet and sports nutrition on a new dedicated injury management section on the SGFA website.

Both Edward Clark and Themos Gourlas, directors and St George Health are enthusiastic for this opportunity.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with SGFA and to become a part of and to support the wonderful football community. We have so much to offer SGFA and their players and we can’t wait to get started. We see a fantastic relationship developing and are very much looking forward to working with SGFA and its Clubs in providing players with suitable treatment to rediscover their best and get back to doing what they love…playing soccer of course!” said Dr Edward Clark, both Director and Osteopath and who used to competitively play for Connells Point.

“It’s a great opportunity for players and their families to get the absolute best management all in one clinic.” said Themos.

St George Health


8 Belgrave St Kogarah

P: 9553 9823