The State, Robertson and Bill Cullinan Cups knockout tournaments are conducted by Football NSW for Association based male and female teams and Country Association representative or club teams.

This tournament attracts nearly 500 entries each season and is an opportunity for club teams from all areas of Football NSW to compete against teams from outside their own Association.

Round 1

Please be advised that the Match Schedule for Round 1 of the State Cups and all other relevant documents relating to the tournament can be located by clicking here.

Field Allocation Schedule can be found here

Please also note that within the Bill Cullinan Cups All Age Men’s match schedule, there are 2 matches that occur in the Preliminary Round that contain Country teams.  The State Cup Regulations state that Rounds 1 and 2 will be held in the country therefore we have 2 games that are currently showing as TBC.  Once these Preliminary matches have been completed Football NSW will finalise the scheduling of the Round 1 matches.

Also please note that not all age groups commence in Round 1.  The below table indicates the starting date and Round for each age group:

Preliminary Round1st May 2016All Age Men Bill Cullinan Cup
Round 18th May 201612 Boys Frank Broughton Cup, 13, 14, 15, 16 Boys and 12 Girls Cheryl Salisbury Cup, 14, 16 Girls and All Age Women
Round 222 May 201617 Boys, 18 Men, 21 Men Robertson Cup, Over 35 Men
Round 35 June 201618 Women