Coach Education is a key component of Football Federation Australia’s Football Development Plan.

Coaches at all levels play a crucial role in ensuring that football is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players and SGFA plays a pivotal role in delivering on this objective.

Footballers can be divided into two streams: those that are playing for fun, and those that are playing to reach the highest level possible. These are often referred to as ‘participation’ and ‘performance’.

In Australia, we have labelled these two streams as Community Courses and Advanced Courses.

To reflect the two streams and better meet their differing needs, our Education Programs have also been divided into two pathways:

Upcoming Courses:

2020 Laws of the Game Update-

Date: Wednesday, 1st July 2020
Venue: via Zoom- participants will be sent a link
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
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Free SGFA Aldi Miniroos Coaching Course- 

Date: Friday, 20 March 2020- POSTPONED. DATE TBA
Venue: Ador Avenue Synthetic, Rockdale
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
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Skills Training Certificate – hosted by Sutherland Shire FA

Date: Friday 6th March & Saturday 7th March
Venue: Harrie Dening Football Centre
Time: Friday 6:00pm – 9:00pm | Saturday 8:30am-4:00pm
Cost: $90
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Game Training & Skill Coaching Certificate – 



Local Club Engagement Program

St George City Training Observation Evenings

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Club Visits by SGFA Coaching Staff

Upon Request.

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1.  Community (Delivered locally by SGFA)

The Community Courses are short, affordable and locally available courses for those coaching local amateur teams. These courses, listed below, are delivered locally by our Head of Football & Technical Director and his staff who are available to all SGFA Clubs in delivering them:

  • Skill Training Certificate – Skill Acquisition phase

For coaches training 9-13 year old players

In the Skill Acquisition Phase the coach MUST focus on building a solid foundation of Technical Skill. The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and deals with the development of the 4 Functional Game Skills:

  • First Touch
  • Striking the Ball
  • Running with the Ball
  • 1 v 1

These four Core Skills make up 95% of the actions of any outfield player during a game of football which is why it is critical to train these actions repeatedly so that the players have the opportunity to develop their ability to perform them more effectively during a game.

  • Game Training Certificate – Game Training Phase

For coaches training 13-17 year old players

In the Game Training Phase the coach’s aim will be the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making through a game related approach to training.

The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and provides the coach with training sessions designed to help the players apply the Functional Game Skills in a team setting using the FFA endorsed ‘1-4-3-3’ formation.

  • Senior Coaching Certificate –   Performance Phase

For coaches training players 17 and above

In this Phase the coach prepares the team for a competition environment where winning becomes the main aim. Training focuses on solving football problems, based on match analysis. FOOTBALL CONDITIONING also becomes a key part of the course.

The course is conducted over 14 hours and assists the coach by providing model sessions on solving football problems.

Contact us for our current community course dates

For more information please contact our Head of Footbal Aytek Genc via email 

2.  Advanced (Delivered by FNSW and FFA)

The Advanced Courses are long, intensive courses aimed at those who intend to become Professional Coaches and are delivered by FFA and Football NSW.

For more information visit Football Federation Australia.

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