In celebration of Female Football Week, FSG are pleased to announce that Amanda Marino (U13’s GSAP Coach) has just completed and passed her B Diploma in coaching. Amanda is not only involved with FSG’s GSAP but is part of the FSG Female Coach Mentor Program and is one of FNSW’s & FSG’s Coach Educator Tutors.

Being a Coach Educator Tutor means Amanda is one of the leaders in the Association’s Coach Education Program educating and mentoring the next group of new coaches in the Association on the MiniRoos Coaching Certificates.

“I’m still in awe of how my journey has unfolded. Coaching was never something I envisioned for myself, yet here I am. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Brian Dene, FSG’s Technical Director, whose ongoing support has been invaluable.

Securing a scholarship to complete my B Diploma in coaching through the NSW Legacy Fund was a turning point for me. I’m deeply thankful for the continued guidance from Coach Educator Christopher Adams and Technical Director Warren Grieve of Football NSW. Recently, I was fortunate to receive a Coach Educator scholarship through the same fund, which further fuels my passion for coaching development.

My own playing days ended when I was just 17 due to dwindling team numbers. Little did I know, many years later, coaching would find me almost by chance. It all began when I volunteered to coach my son’s U6 team as nobody else had put their hand up, and since then, I’ve never looked back.

The most fulfilling aspect of coaching, for me, is witnessing the growth and development of my players, both on and off the pitch. Whether they pursue careers as players, referees, or coaches themselves, seeing them progress is incredibly rewarding.

As for what’s on the horizon, obtaining my A Diploma is a goal I’m working towards. In the meantime, I’m committed to continuing my coaching journey, mentoring others, and providing coach education to grassroots clubs. None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of my husband, Tony, and our two boys. Football is at the centre of our lives, and though it can be chaotic juggling our various roles, I’m forever grateful for the opportunities it has provided.

My hope is to inspire more women to take the leap into coaching and see where it leads them. I hold dear the words someone once shared with me: “A good player doesn’t always make a good coach, and a good coach doesn’t always make a good player.” These words continue to drive me forward in those moments when I feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or lack confidence, reminding me to believe in myself and the journey I’m on. Anything is possible!”

Regarding Amanda’s completion of her Football Australia Advanced B Diploma, FSG Technical Director Brian Dene reinforced FSG’s commitment to female coaching and the Female Coach Mentor Program (FCMP).” The program FCMP is designed to provide opportunity, support the ongoing development of female coaches. It was also introduced to encourage and support more female coaches to progress along their coaching pathway. By providing delivering the FCMP we can make it more achievable for women and girls to obtain community and advanced coaching qualifications”.

In 2023 Amanda was awarded the ‘Women in Football Scholarship – Coach’ by Football NSW through the NSW Football Legacy Program. The program focuses on identifying female leaders to take part in a variety of capability building programs aimed at educating and supporting female coaches, referees, football administrators and volunteers.

Dene said, “The Association is very proud of what Amanda has achieved on her coaching journey so far and this has provided Amanda with a great opportunity to build on her coaching experience and add to her leadership skillset”.

FSG wish Amanda continued success on her journey in coaching.