During the 2022 Female Football Week, Football St George is proud to launch its Female Coach Mentor Program.

The Female Coach Mentor Program is open to all female coaches from throughout the Football St George region, regardless of age, ambition, or experience in coaching.

The Female Coach Mentor Program provides opportunities for aspiring coaches to access free coach education courses and be mentored by the Football St George Technical Director.

The program includes;

  • Free registration to a Skills Training Certificate delivered by the Football St George Technical Director for up to 22 female coaches (valued at $100 per participant).
  • Invitation for the 22 coaches to attend workshops featuring presentations from special guests.
  • Ongoing mentoring for the 22 coaches by the Football St George Technical Director.
  • Free registration to an AFC C-License for 4 coaches identified from the Skills Training Certificate (valued at $1,150 per participant).
  • Opportunity for the 4 selected coaches to assist with the Football St George Girl’s Skill Acquisition Program.

Football St George General Manager Phil Brown said;

“Football St George is committed to providing learning opportunities for aspiring female coaches. By removing the registration fees, we hope more female coaches can complete the courses and take their first steps to becoming professional coaches.”.

Football St George Technical Director Brian Dene said;

“The Coach Mentor Program is focused on the skill acquisition phase of player development. As an association, we aim to support the development of female coaches that have the knowledge and experience to increase the skill level of players in the region”.

Positions in the program are granted via an application process.

To apply, please complete the following form;

Female Coach Mentoring Program Application Form