Football St George confirms that fixtures scheduled on the following all weather grounds will go ahead this weekend; 1 April -3 April 2022.

All fixtures scheduled on natural grass fields have been cancelled.

Ground Field as per Dribl
Ador Avenue ReserveField 1 Synthetic
Ador Avenue ReserveHalf 1 Synthetic
Ador Avenue ReserveHalf 2 Synthetic
Ador Avenue ReserveMini Synthetic
Ador Avenue ReserveSSF Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkField 1 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkHalf 1 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkHalf 2 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkSSF 1 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkSSF 2 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkSSF 3 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkSSF 4 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkMini 1 Synthetic
Arncliffe ParkMini 2 Synthetic
Gardiner ParkField 1 Synthetic
Illinden Sports CentreField 1 Synthetic
J GrahamField 1 Synthetic
J GrahamMidi Synthetic
J GrahamMini 1 Synthetic
J GrahamMini 2 Synthetic
Memorial ParkField 1 Synthetic
Memorial ParkHalf 1 Synthetic
Memorial ParkHalf 2 Synthetic
Memorial ParkMini Synthetic
Memorial ParkSSF 3 Synthetic
Memorial ParkSSF 4 Synthetic
Peakhurst Park No5Field 1 Synthetic
Penshurst ParkField 1 Synthetic
Penshurst ParkHalf 1 Synthetic
Penshurst ParkHalf 2 Synthetic
Poulton ParkField 2 Synthetic
Poulton ParkHalf Synthetic
Poulton ParkMini 1 Synthetic
Poulton ParkMini 2 Synthetic
Poulton ParkSSF 1 Synthetic
Poulton ParkSSF 2 Synthetic
Poulton ParkSSF 3 Synthetic
Poulton ParkSSF 4 Synthetic