[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Charles Pirie Reserve is the home of the Carss Park Football Club, the special needs program, St George Warriors and the local referees branch.

The development of the new amenities block at Charles Pirie Reserve provides our community with an innovative, safe, inclusive and fully compliant facilitiy.

The Charles Pirie Reserve amenities block incorporates the following features:

  • Each change room includes a compliant change facility which meets Australian Standards (AS 1428.1)
  • Six accessible off street parking spaces to allow for ease of access to the amenities block and field
  • Wider door openings and circulation spaces to comply with Australian Standards (AS1428.1)
Works Start Date:March 2019
Works End Date:September 2019
Location:Parkside Drive, Carss Park
Funding:$750,000 Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund, $500,000 asset management revenue and $500,0000 general revenue


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