St George Football Association (SGFA) reminds participants that the implementation of game management strategies designed to address instances of poor behaviour and lack of respect for the game by players has continued from 2018 into the 2019 season, with some modifications per below.

Player Temporary Dismissal (Sin Bin) – U17 to O’45- Men & Women

Where it is necessary to caution a player for DISSENT, the player will not be shown a yellow card but will be sent to the technical area for a period 10 minutes.

DISSENT: Public Disagreement (verbal and/or physical) with a match official’s decision; punishable by a caution.

The referee is the sole judge of the time and the player can only return with the permission of the referee.

TD’s will count towards the accumulation of yellow cards to players (refer to SGFA By-Laws Part 4A, Clause 9) and will be recorded by the referee and marked on the match sheet.

The above procedures have been approved by IFAB in the 2019 Laws of the Game book and subsequent instructional documents.

The below document explains the TD process for 2019.