The weather was beautiful and only matched by the excitement and fun had across the district over the weekend as teams competed in local St George Football Association Grand Finals.

We would like to thank all participating teams and congratulate all the 2016 winners. In addition we also thank all our Clubs and their volunteers for their continued hard work and dedication to making our local competitions a great success.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Kogarah WaratahRockdale City Suns, James Cook Boys Technology High School, Sutherland Shire Football Association, St George Football Club and Scots FC for the use of fields across the weekend.

This Friday night will see the 2016 season wrap up when the Grand Finals are staged for the All Age A’s at Ilinden Stadium, Rockdale.


DateAge/DivisionGrand Final WinnersRunners Up
21/08/1612GSANS-12G Sans SouciCARS-12G Carss Park
21/08/1613GBFORR-13GB  Forest RangersRAMS-13GB  Ramsgate RSL
21/08/1616GB*HZFC-16GB  Hurstville ZFCRAMS-16GB Ramsgate RSL
26/08/16O45/AHMIN-O45A  Hurstville MinotaursHZFC-O45A  Hurstville ZFC
26/08/16U13G/ABEXN-13GA  Bexley NorthOATL-13GA  Oatley RSL
27/08/16AA/BLUGA-AAB  LugarnoCARL-AAB  Carlton Rovers – 21’s
27/08/16AA/CHURG-AAC  Hurstville GloryCARL-AAC2  Carlton Rovers (2) 02
27/08/16AA/DDOLL-AAD  Dolls PointASOW-AAD  ASOW
27/08/16AA/ECARL-AAE  Carlton RoversSANS-AAE  Sans Souci
27/08/16AA/FLUGA-AAF2  Lugarno (2) 02CARS-AAF  Carss Park
27/08/16AA/GKOGW-AAG  Kogarah WaratahFORR-AAG2  Forest Rangers (2) 02
27/08/16AAA1/1FORR-AAA1  Forest RangersPENS-AAA1  Penshurst West
27/08/16AAAR/RHURG-AAAR  Hurstville GlorySANS-AAAR  Sans Souci
27/08/16PL1/1SANS-PL1  Sans SouciCONN-PL1  Connells Point
27/08/16PL/RSANS-PLR  Sans SouciARNA-PLR-Arncliffe Aurora
27/08/16U12/ACONN-12A  Connells PointSANS-12A  Sans Souci
27/08/16U12/BBEXN-12B  Bexley NorthARNA-12B  Arncliffe Aurora
27/08/16U12/CSCOT-12C  Scots FCRAMS-12C  Ramsgate RSL
27/08/16U13/ACONN-13A  Connells PointARNA-13A  Arncliffe Aurora
27/08/16U13/BCONN-13B  Connells PointPENS-13B1  Penshurst West (1) 01
27/08/16U13/CLUGA-13C  LugarnoBEXN-13C1  Bexley North (1) 01
27/08/16U14/ACONN-14A1  Connells Point (1) 01PEAK-14A  Peakhurst United
27/08/16U14/B*ARNA-14B  Arncliffe AuroraHURG-14B  Hurstville Glory
27/08/16U14/CCONN-14C  Connells PointBEXN-14C2  Bexley North (2) 02
27/08/16U15/ABANK-15A  Banksia TigersCONN-15A1  Connells Point (1) 01
27/08/16U15/BSANS-15B1  Sans Souci (1) 01CONN-15B1  Connells Point (1) 01
27/08/16U16/AARNA-16A  Arncliffe AuroraCONN-16A  Connells Point
27/08/16U16/BOATL-16B  Oatley RSLHURG-16B  Hurstville Glory
27/08/16U17/18/ASANS-18A  Sans Souci – U18ARNA-18A  Arncliffe Aurora – U18
27/08/16U17/18/BSANS-17/18B2  Sans Souci (2) – U17 02CONN-17/18B  Connells Point – U17
27/08/16U17/18/CRSUN-17/18C  Rockdale Suns – U17KOGW-17/18C  Kogarah Waratah – U18
28/08/16AAW/BCARL-AAWB  Carlton RoversFORR-AAWB2  Forest Rangers (2) 02
28/08/16AAW/CHZFC-AAWC  Hurstville ZFCARNA-AAWC  Arncliffe Aurora
28/08/16O35/BARNA-O35B1  Arncliffe Aurora (1) 01RSUN-O35B  Rockdale Suns
28/08/16O35/CPENS-O35C  Penshurst WestFORR-O35C  Forest Rangers
28/08/16O35/DBANK-O35D1  Banksia Tigers (1) 01BANK-O35D2  Banksia Tigers (2) 02
28/08/16PWL/1SCOT-PWL  Scots FCBANK-PWL  Banksia Tigers
28/08/16U14G/G*RSUN-14G  Rockdale SunsFORR-14G1  Forest Rangers (1) 01
28/08/16U16G/ALUGA-16GA1  Lugarno (1) 01CONN-16GA1  Connells Point (1) 01
To be Played 
DateAge/DivisionHome Away
02/09/16AAAR/RFORR-AAAR  Forest RangersHURG-AAAR  Hurstville Glory
02/09/16AAA1/1RSUN-AAA1  Rockdale SunsFORR-AAA1  Forest Rangers


Click here to be taken to some images captured from across the weekend.