Football Federation Australia (FFA) have this week launched the inaugural Women’s Football Development Guide, a nationwide initiative to boost the number of female players with the aim to have women making up 50 per cent of all athletes playing the game.

This guide has been created for community football clubs to develop women’s football and increase the number of females participating in the game at all levels.

It contains examples of strategies, initiatives and real life situations to assist clubs in developing programs aimed at servicing and growing the women’s game.

Over 300 female football stakeholders completed a national survey, providing valuable content and advice on female engagement. The survey output was collated and in turn formed the basis of this comprehensive guide. Focus groups with experts from different backgrounds (playing, coaching, refereeing and administration) were also conducted to elicit valuable information.  Additionally, female participation research has been sourced from various local and international resources, journal articles, books and websites to provide insight into the needs of females participating in sport.

The sport in the St George district continues to grow with 2016 participation numbers increasing by 19% from 2015.

The guide is available after completing the form and hope that it will assist you and your club to deliver women’s football to the highest possible standard and attract more females to our game.

To download the guid for your Club, click here