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St. George Football Referees Association Inc.
PO Box 4219, Lugarno NSW 2210

The St George Football Association works closely with the local referee’s branch, the St. George Football Referees Association (SGFRA) to recruit, develop and retain referees.

Whilst SGFRA a small referee branch in terms of numbers, it leads the way in NSW with regards to the development of referees and is the affiliated member of Football NSW for the St. George district.

The SGFRA is always looking to develop suitable persons to assist in covering the local games with a trained referee and clubs and or any other interested person are urged to consider taking the challenge and completing the introduction referee’s course.

If you would like to become a referee or to find out more information, contact the St George Football Referees Association.


Other than seeking information regarding referee courses, all correspondence and general enquiries must follow the appropriate pathway through the cub secretary to the SGFA general manager, who will forward the request to referees association.

Clubs are not to make direct contact with the referees association especially with regards to allocation of referees.


All referee course information can be found on the SGFRA Website or by contacting;